Shoot Club: All Our Pretty Songs
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The final Shoot Club for The Escapist just finished up today. I wasn't happy with the amount of work it took at the rate it paid, and The Escapist wasn't happy with the lack of traffic. So we mutually agreed to call it a wrap. They were very supportive over the last nine months, and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me. I had a great time while it lasted.

I have a couple of opportunities to do Shoot Club elsewhere, but for the time being, it's "on hiatus", whatever that may mean. So here's the last of them:

Shoot Club: All Our Pretty Songs
"Okay, here we go." Trevor takes up the mic, Peter hitches up his guitar strap, I lower my guitar strap to be more bass like, and Jude taps the drum sticks against each other three times.

Prologue: All Those Angels with Their Wings Glued On
Part One: Just Outside of Your Front Door
Part Two: Tell All the Angels This Could Take All Night
Part Three: Riding Out the Day's Events
Part Four: Pick Up My Guitar and Play Just Like Yesterday
Epilogue: He Knows Changes Aren't Permanent, But Change Is

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