Age III: Asian Dynasties: The Occidental Tourist
TomChick - News - 10/25/07 - Link

Who'd have thought it would take a trip to Asia to redeem Age of Empires III? This expansion pretty much addresses all of my misgivings about Ensemble's ambitious yet traditional RTS. Whereas everyone else is coming at the genre from an accessible action perspective -- Company of Heroes, Command & Conquer 3, Battle for Middle Earth II, World in Conflict, Universe at War -- it's a refreshing change of pace to play an RTS that's not afraid to be economically deep, tactically fussy, and unrepentantly min/maxxy, particularly now that the thorny interface issues have been ironed out.

You can read my review here and as soon as I get a copy that works online, you can look for 'tchick' on Ensemble Online. This is one I plan on continuing to play even after the review is done.

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