Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass: A nice place to visit...
TomChick - News - 10/03/07 - Link

I always feel like I'm taking a break when I review a Zelda game. It's like an oasis of non-hardcore gaming, where I may as well be some soccer Mom who couldn't wrap her head around Quake Wars if her life depended it. I may as well be some kid in junior high who couldn't care less about whether the new Wonders in the Asian Dynasties expansion for Age III are balanced. I may as well be some casual gamer who only has Wii Sports, a copy of Twilight Princess, and an SDTV.

There's something simple, familiar, and forgiving about being mollycoddled by a good Zelda, which is pretty much the opposite of the games I normally play. Zeldas will gently and inexorably progress from sword to boomerang to bombs to bow and so on, without fussing with XP or skills or armor class. It's like Grampa Miyamoto telling you a story.

But then I'm done and I can't wait to get back into some Real Games. You know, Actual Real Bona Fide Take-No-Prisoners games that will fuck you up. Shit blowing up in Quake Wars, and having my Town Center shredded by those weird Chinese flying crow artillery things, and squads of Panzer Elite with MG44s, and how many goddamn hit points are these brutes supposed to have on Legendary anyway?

It's like visiting a small town, loving it, and figuring that it sure would be nice to live here. That lasts for about a few days. And then you get home to the big city and wonder what you were thinking. But, man, it was great while it lasted. Maybe I'll do it again next year.

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