Medal of Honor: Airborne: Saving Private Geronimooooooo!
TomChick - News - 09/09/07 - Link

Did you know Medal of Honor started out as a Playstation One game? The old PS1 games was the George Lazenby of the series, which later became the Roger Moore of WWII shooters once Infinity Ward busted in with their ass-kicking name-taking Hollywood-minus-the-dull-reverent-trumpets Call of Duty games. Real time strategy game Company of Heroes is the hot new Daniel Craig of WWII games.

There's no room left in this tortured metaphor for Medal of Honor: Airborne, which is kind of appropriate. Before the genre is completely played out, it's fitting that Medal of Honor, the first onto the crowded scene, gets in a quick last word. Airborne is largely a throwback to traditional WWII shooters, with its annoying scripting; static, non-interactive environments; and sad LAN-less multiplayer support that doesn't go very far beyond regular ol' deathmatching.

But it's also a pretty good Medal of Honor. Probably the best one, actually. Which may not be saying much, but there you go. It's dynamic, a little ridiculous, and blessed with some of the best gunplay out of EA since, well, ever. Again, that's not saying much, but there you go.

You can read my Yahoo review here.

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