Five Things I Wish I`d Known about BioShock (spoiler free!)
TomChick - News - 08/20/07 - Link

1) Look at your map during recordings
Sometimes youíll pick up a diary recording, only to get into a fight while itís playing, at which point you might miss whatís being said. But the diary recordings are worth hearing. So note that you can bring up the map to pause the game without pausing the playback. Take this time to get a look at where you are and where youíre going, while listening to the story unfold. Or you can sit tight and rejigger your weapon loadouts at that point, as the weapons menu wonít interrupt the recordings either.

2) That silver cage is an elevator and thereís a "call elevator" button next to it
If you find yourself stuck at a clear door that isnít opening, even though itís obviously between you and where you need to go, this would be the time to note the elevator system in Rapture. I know of at least three people who got stuck at this point and assumed the game was bugged (me being one of them). The problem is that BioShock hasnít yet showed you that elevators have call buttons, much less what closed elevators look like.

3) "Thatís telekinesis, Kyle!"
Some areas that look like you should be able to reach them. After all, thereís stuff in there you'll want to pick up! But trust me: you canít get in there. Look around as much as you like, come back and visit to see if youíve somehow triggered a door, or waste all your ammo trying to blast your way in. No dice. You canít get in. Itís not going to happen. Instead, you can get those items with a particular plasmid that lets you reach out and touch something.

4) Yes, the game will get harder
Donít make any assumptions about BioShockís difficulty level based on the early game. Itís not necessarily that it gets more difficult as it forces you to play more carefully and make more choices. The early parts have a more carefree approach. Thatís the honeymoon. Donít get too used to it.

5) Avoid spoilers
Iíd actually recommend avoiding reviews, some of which are revealing too much information and even playfully giving away plot points in an attempt to be clever (fuck you, Game Informer). And for Peteís sake, stay out of the official forums, which are crammed with retards splashing important information around. There isnít necessarily any Big Twist or Super Secret Sixth Sense Reveal or Amazingly Awesome New Thing You've Never Seen Before. But there are some really nice surprises that help drive the game. The less you know about these, the better.

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