The HD Format Wars: We Have a Winner
TomChick - News - 08/14/07 - Link

At least for me. I just pulled the trigger on three Blu-Ray releases. I saw The Fountain when it was first released on DVD and was really disappointed with the quality of the picture. I'm no technophile, but even I can spot banding and artifacts in a movie that relies heavily on lots of blacks and dark colors. The Fountain looked awful!

But I liked the movie enough (and I like it more the longer I think about it) that I decided to buy it on an HD format. Since I don't have an HD-DVD player, and since I do have a Playstation 3, the choice was obvious. And while I was grabbing a few other movies, I opted for the Blu-Ray editions of 300 and The Prestige while I was at it.

So it's official. I've chosen sides. So where do I sign up to advocate for Blu-Ray over HD-DVD?

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