The End of Qt3 As We Know It?
TomChick - News - 08/06/07 - Link

It's mostly my fault. I've really wanted this to be a small community of people who know each other, and it's gone well so far. But starting sometime around the beginning of the year, I started to fall behind the "vetting process". It wasn't much of a vetting process. It was just a simple matter of exchanging introductory emails with new members. It seemed to do a pretty good job not just of keeping bad accounts out, but also of fostering a sense of community. It was cool getting to say 'hello' to everyone who came in, and hearing a bit about who they were. You guys are a pretty cool bunch.

But sometime in January, I set up a folder for Qt3 intros and starting shunting emails off into that folder. Tucked in there, they were much easier to get around to later on (i.e. forget about). And now there are lots of folks who would have been great members of our community, but went by the wayside because I'm lazy. If you're one of those people, please accept my sincere apologies. Seriously. I suck. You deserved a quicker response, or heck, any response.

So today I simply switched on all of the accounts that have registered this year. All of them. Even freeringtones and sexgirl. They now have full posting privileges, along with at least one fake account that belongs to Cleve Blakemore. They are among our newest members on the Quarter to Three forums. What's more, there won't be a vetting process anymore. Anyone...anyone!...can sign up an account and start posting as soon as they respond to the automated emailer.

However, as per the updated forum rules, I'm going to be more liberal with closing new accounts. I trust you guys will keep me posted if you start getting strange PMs or if inappropriate threads or posts start springing up. This is an experiment to see what happens if I just fling open the gates. Worst case scenario: the place goes to hell before I shut the doors again. Best case scenario: we get an influx of cool new members who don't have to wait on me to sort through the Qt3 intro folder.

I'll be around keeping an eye on things, but I trust you'll let me know how this is going. You can PM me: tomchick. Or you can email me at tomchick at quatertothree dot com.

UPDATE: Okay, that was short-lived! There is now a holding tank for new accounts that will occasionally be spilled into the registered accounts. If you want to get through earlier, you can drop me a line with a brief introduction and I'll pass you along to the inner circle.

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