Quake Con 2007, Part II
TomChick - News - 08/04/07 - Link

A young heavy-set fellow is hurrying laboriously down the long hallway towards the show floor. He rattles as he walks, as if he were wearing a suit of medieval armor. Heís cradling about ten blue bottles in his arms. His pockets are brimming with additional blue bottles.

He sees me looking.

"Theyíre giving these out for free," he says, slightly incredulous. Then with urgency: "Go back by the escalator, then go right, and itís just down that hallway. They still have some left. You better hurry."

"What are they?" I ask.

"Here, I already have about thirty. You can have one," he says, somehow thrusting one out of the armload towards me.

I take it. Bawls. The stuff looks horrible.

"Try it." His face is ruddy with hurrying. Apparently, he has to get these Bawls somewhere, and fast. His cargo pants pockets rattle and clank as he moves.

"I think Iíll save it for later. Thanks."

"Okay, but you better drink it before it gets cold."

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