The DS Briefly Stirs from its Summer Slumber
TomChick - News - 07/31/07 - Link

Brother in Arms DS would be an amazing game if youíd never played anything in the last five years on a Playstation, 360, PC, or Nintendo. But being impressed with what the developers are able to accomplish with rudimentary 3D graphics (i.e. "It sure looks good for a DS game!")can only get you through the first few levels. Then the gameplay kicks in. And if thereís one thing I really donít have much patience for any more, itís the same old scripted World War II tropes. I might have stuck with it longer for the stylus controls, but Metroid already impressed me in that department.

SimCity DS has its share of retro charm, but the graphics are too tiny, too busy, and too slow; the framerate stutters so badly that it jerks the tickertape announcements to a halt. And while playing what is essentially the original SimCity on a DS is a novelty, it only lasts until your first and only city (one city at a time please, since you canít save multiple cities) hits about 5,000 people. At which point thereís not much beyond the cycle of waiting to get enough money to lay out more zones to make more money to lay out more zones to make more money. Every now and then you have to replace a power plant or allocate more landfill space. Add police stations to taste.

And since this is a DS game, you get minigames interludes in which you do things like to clobber Santa Claus to make him drop cash presents or pop off fireworks. In other words, excuses to violently poke at the screen with your stylus. There are various disaster scenarios, but they sprawl too much considering the fussy interface, so this one goes back in the box and the DS goes back on the shelf for now.

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