This! Is! Vegaaaaaaas!
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“300, on sale on DVD, July 31st.”

My friend Cornbread says this for some odd reason last night while a bunch of us are playing 3v3 in Rainbow Six: Vegas. Ubisoft has just released all the maps that they were selling as the “Red Pack” and “Black Pack” for the 360 version of the game. Then they made them free and then they made them for the PC.

Personally, I’m elated. The PC version of the Rainbow Six franchise in general, and even Vegas in particular, was treated like Ubisoft’s red-headed stepchild for far too long. But now I’m willing to go on record as calling Rainbow Six: Vegas my current favorite shooter on the PC. And now my favorite shooter has ten new maps.

So we’re running around on one of the casino maps when Cornbread feels the need to announce the release date of the 300 DVD.

“Why do you say that?” I ask.

“Look,” he says. When I turn around to look – we’re in the same room, so I figure he’s going to show me a magazine ad or something – he’s pointing at the game. Sure enough, there’s an ad for the 300 DVD, splashed up on the wall of the casino in mid-res that’s just good enough to make out Leonidas’ abs.

My first reaction is to be annoyed, as I am with all ingame advertising that isn’t in a game with a substantially cheaper price to offset the money the publisher is making by selling my eyeballs to the advertiser. Which is to say “all ingame advertising”. But my second reaction quickly overrides my first reaction. I think, ‘Hey, I was wondering when 300 was coming out on DVD because that’s one I planned to pick up’.

Or was it? Maybe that little reminder just jogged my brain into thinking about buying it, at which point it fired off synapses to another part of my brain that really enjoyed the movie, which in turn fired off a few synapses to the part of my brain that figures $19.99 isn’t a whole lot of money after all. At any rate, advertising: 1, me: 0.

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