``Eldritch, my dear Watson!``
TomChick - News - 07/23/07 - Link

Someone please play this game and tell me that it doesn’t suck. Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu is the conversation you have after you’ve grown out of Superman vs. God.

I have to say my first inclination is to give Holmes the nod. He’s smart and rational enough that he’d be able to avoid ever even having to make a sanity check. Which he’d probably pass anyway, considering his powerful intellect. Watson, on the other hand, would be a shoe-in for the Arkham Asylum. But this would just make it personal for Holmes, who would then go all Rambo or MacGuyver on some cultists’ asses. Of course, if Cthulhu is awakened, as the title implies, all bets are off.

So who’s going to play this game and report back? It’s made by Frogwares, whose web page shows a long line of Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne adventure games. But red flags go up for me when I read “puzzles based on object physics and lighting”. “First fully 3D game” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either. But on the outside chance that Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened is not terrible, I'd hate to miss out.

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