E3 2007 -- Absent without leave, but with pants
TomChick - News - 07/16/07 - Link

So I just missed my second E3 ever. This was an odd one for me to skip, since it was the new and improved E3, with more velvet ropes and therefore smaller thronging masses. It's not like it was inconveniently located in Atlanta or anything.

But I had company in town and frankly, I was happy to have an excuse not to go. So instead of seeing game demos, I went to the Getty and saw, among other things, a life-sized painting of a famous 18th century rhino. Instead of going to some Sony or Microsoft party and having a miserable time being unable to hear anything, I went to the Hollywood bowl, sat far above the stage, and drank a bottle of cheap Chardonnay while listening to the LA Philharmonic playing, among other things, the overture to the Thieving Magpie. "I love this song," my friend said. Of course, it's not like I'm super cultured, since the only thing it made me think of was A Clockwork Orange.

I went to pick my friend up on Wednesday night. She was with some friends at a nearby bar. She called and told me how to get there. I arrived to find it was a bar with a bunch of dudes. She was the only girl there, jumping around on the dance floor. We waved at each other, but she didn't come over yet, so I figured I'd be here for a while. I went to the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. The bartender said it was two dollars off if I gave him my pass.

"My pass?" I asked, leaning across the bar to shout into his ear. Good lord, I might as well be at a Sony party.

"Your pants," he said. "It's underwear night."

Sure enough, I looked around and noticed folks strolling around in their underwear. Why can't straight bars do cool stuff like this? And for a brief moment, I considered giving him my pants. I blame my father. Genetically, I've been gifted with a pretty nice pair of legs. Plus, like my father, I'm a tightwad. I hate paying eight bucks for a gin and tonic that I know isn't going to be very good. But I figured it probably wasn't a good idea to walk around pantless in a gay bar. You know, giving off the wrong signals and everything.

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