Hellgate: London and LANs: I the fuck care
TomChick - News - 05/09/07 - Link

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Flagship's community dude, Ivan Sulic, on the subject of LAN support in Hellgate: London:

But when you really think about it... Who the fuck cares? LAN was great when we didn't have broadband. It's also awesome if you're willing to lug your stupid computer around all over the place. But HG:L runs on closed servers and we have free online multiplayer that's every bit as robust as Diablo II. So why even bother with LAN?

Because LANs are cheap, easy, and ubiquitous, Ivan. Because pretty much every other game does it. Because I prefer having friends over to play on the LAN than playing with strangers online, or even friends online. Because supporting Hellgate's weird little financial model isn't something I particularly care about when it comes to what features I do and do not get in my games.

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