Gentlemen, welcome (back) to Shoot Club
TomChick - News - 04/05/07 - Link

Shoot Club is now officially a part of The Escapist. Starting today, there will be a new installment every Thursday.

Well, almost every Thursday. The idea is that each Shoot Club will be split into four parts, to be run on Thursdays with The Escapist's daily content. But some months have too many Thursdays for this to work like clockwork, so, uh, we'll deal with that when it happens. I blame the Gregorian calendar for being needlessly complicated.

Anyway, the idea is that it's sort of serialized. You'll have to stick around over the course of an entire month to find out how it ends.

If you like it, let them know. Heck, even if you don't, let them know. It's a new thing for me and the folks at The Escapist, and any feedback would be appreciated.

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