C&C3: Just add aliens
TomChick - News - 03/27/07 - Link

So Command & Conquer 3 is here, and it's nothing particularly special. The single player campaigns are bad, and the live action cutscenes are awful. If you thought FMV was horrible in the 90s, you ain't seen nothing yet.

It is, however, pretty good for what it is: a fast-paced action RTS with a good interface and an unimaginative retro approach to the genre. It's certainly faithful to the tradition of Command & Conquer, even with the new aliens (who conveniently play almost exactly like Nod or GDI).

But I maintain that innovation is overrated. There's plenty of that in other RTSs. This just isn't one of those. Every time I start up another skirmish or multiplayer game, something I've been doing a lot lately, I like to think of C&C3 as an RTS version of comfort food.

You can read my review here.

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