Genesis Rising: ``Oh god, mothership. Blood. Blood!``
TomChick - News - 03/20/07 - Link

At E3, the Dreamcatcher appointments tended to be pretty predictable. You’d go in, see a bunch of adventure games, each like the other, and then make note of their latest attempt to break into another genre. Some of these attempts turned out great. Painkiller. Ah, Painkiller. How do I love thee, Painkiller? Let me count the ways…

And some of these attempts quietly failed. Anyone remember the Splinter Cell clone called Cold War? Me either. Some of these attempts failed not so quietly. Who could forget the disastrous DW Bradley Presents Dungeon Lords?

The game from the last E3 that could go either way was the Zeeeeergs in spaaaaaace RTS called Genesis Rising. You installed collectible powers called “genes” onto pulsing biological ships that were born from a mothership’s belly. Then they sucked blood from each other to survive. Sometimes they exploded in a shower of red red crude. It was Homeworld meets something really really gross. It was made by Serbians. Insert here your own borderline tasteless joke about Serbs and bloodsucking.

Now that the game has come out and I’ve been playing a reviewable build for the past week or so, the suspense is over. I know how it turns out. You can read my Yahoo review here to find out.

Hint: the word “sucks” is used.

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