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I don't really know comic books, but I do know who Frank Miller is. He directed The Road Warrior and then did those Dark Knight Reruns comics, right?

I'm looking forward to seeing 300 not because I'm into swordporn, or whatever you call it when millions of dollars are spent to film some dude in sandals skewering other dudes in sandals. Although that can be pretty cool. Wolfgang Petersen's Troy was a guilty pleasure for many reasons, including Brad Pitt's (lack of) accent, Brian Cox's wig, and the fact that I didn't realize Peter O'Toole was still alive.

"Hey, look, Peter O'Toole isn't dead," I thought.

But I mainly liked Troy because I like wacky perspectives on historical myths. Whether it's Achilles as a spoiled celebrity, the Cyclops as John Goodman wearing an eyepatch, or Leonidas as a monochrome fixture in a series of slo-mo fight scenes.

So there's a PSP game based on the movie. I went to see the game expecting to be underwhelmed. I came out actually kind of looking forward to a little handheld hack n' slash. You can read my preview on Yahoo.

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