My TV heaves a sigh of relief
TomChick - News - 12/26/06 - Link

After narrowly avoiding taking a Wii-mote to the face -- fortunately, my buddy's overhead lob arcs to the right -- my television is safe once again. I just got two replacement Wii-mote straps in the mail, with two more for good measure. It's almost as if Nintendo is saying, 'These two won't break, but if they do, here are two more'.

Included was a glossy black-and-white notice that included the following advice: "avoid excessive motion during play". Ha! Nintendo might as well tell me to have less fun with my Wii. The enclosed notice isn't offering any guarantees: "Excessive motion may cause you to let go of the remote and may break the wrist strap".

At any rate, good for Nintendo for acknowledging their old wrist straps really suck, even if they lay the blame on that insidious excessive motion they've been demonstrating in their ads.

Hey, maybe Sony will follow suit by sending PS3 owners games that don't suck.

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