If it's nae Scottish, its guff!
Mark Asher - News - 06/01/04 - Link

Scottish researchers have hit upon the perfect scheme to improve literacy in the Bonny Isles -- get the illiterates to play Deus Ex! Putting this through the Scottish translator, it means they'll gang frae nae bein' able tae swatch up a nam in a telephain book tae thinkin' half tha fowk in tha telephain book ur government agents.

If that's difficult to understand, then imagine the people who talk like that learning to read better by playing Deus Ex, which is the scheme being cooked up by the best Scottish minds, according to The Scotsman.

Professor Peter Astheimer, director of the university’s centre for computer games and virtual entertainment, said a successful "blockbuster" game was an innovative way of teaching new skills.

He said: "The game provides a technical workbench for us to create an educational tool. We use a lot of puzzle-solving so the players need to find passwords in order to progress."

In other words, players will be muttering, "Ah huv tae reid thes bleedin' story sae Ah can fin' tha red key an' blaw aff tha heids ay mair enemies" -- or so the professors hope.

Will this crazy scheme work? In the words of the immortal poet Burns: The best-laid plans o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley.

Having majored in English Lit, I think what Burns is saying is that "save anywhere" schemes are best.

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