Super Swing Golf: Swing, kids!
TomChick - News - 12/20/06 - Link

I loved Mario Golf on the Gamecube and Hot Shots Golf on the PSP, in spite of the goofy kiddie graphics. Heck, maybe because of them. Since I'm not a fan of real world golf, it doesn't really do anything for me to have Tiger Woods scowling at me from the cover of the box. It's almost as if he's daring me to play this game. I suppose EA is edgy that way.

But Super Swing Golf does enough things better than Mario or Hot Shots Golf that it's currently my golf game of choice. With the Wii swinging, it's a great party game with more personality than Wii Sports' golf and more gameplay than the wretched Super Monkey Ball's take on golf.

And the RPG stuff! Why am I -- and I know you probably fall prey to this as well! -- such a sucker for this sort of thing? I can't really tell the difference between my little golfer girl having an accuracy of 12 as opposed to an accuracy of 11, but that doesn't stop me from devoting a lot of effort to upgrading her accuracy. There's something compulsive in games about showing me a number and giving me a way to improve it. I mean, why would I be satisfied with an 11 when it could be a 12? And then who's going to stop at 12 when you can get it to 13?

It's pretty sick, if you ask me. I won't be happy until my accuracy is at least, I dunno, 16. At which point, hey, I wonder what it would be like to have an accuracy of 17...

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