Excite Truck
TomChick - News - 11/18/06 - Link

Excite Truck is what you would get if Burnout and Smuggler's Run had a child, and then let someone Japanese name it.

I feel silly saying it. It doesn't even make sense. Is it a command, with the understood you? Because it's really odd being told to excite a truck. Is it a grammatical error? Is it supposed to flow together as one word, like Excitebike? And if its just a spirited 'screw it, we're throwing words together' approach, they could have at least put an exclamation point after the 'Excite': Excite! Truck.

But what matters is that it was made by the guys who did Test Drive: Eve of Destruction. Like many of you, I have sworn a lifelong blood oath to evangelize for Eve of Destruction. It's a calling, really.

Of course, Excite Truck is no Eve -- what is? -- but it's a good and wacky driving game that's just one more reason to own a Wii.

You can read my review here.

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