Zelda: Twiilight Princess
TomChick - News - 11/18/06 - Link

Fun fact: Miyamoto chose Zelda's name after Zelda Fitzgerald. But then he went on to make her peripheral to the games. Yeah, sure, Link is usually saving her or some such thing. But why does she get titular billing? This is hardly her legend.

Also, am I the only one who doesn't leave Link's name as 'Link'? When the game springs on me the option to pick a name, the PC gamer in me thinks I'm supposed to be naming my profile or something. This is how people know not to overwrite my save, or change my settings. So it needs my personal stamp: 'Tom'. In other words: 'Hey, this is my save. Don't fuck with it.'

But then I'm running around Hyrule and little fairies and stuff are talking to me. 'Hello, Tom.' 'Tom, please save us.' 'Tom, you are the chosen hero who has recovered the Sword of Infinite Holiness Beloved.' 'Tom' this and 'Tom' that.

It's weird, but after ten hours, I got used to it. After twenty, I came to expect it. After thirty, I was talking back to them.

'Hello yourself.' 'Yeah, okay, I'll save you.' 'Me? Really? I'm the chosen one? Cool.'

This is what happens when you tear through a long game in the course of a few days. I don't recommend it. Take your time. Savor Twilight Princess. And avoid spoilers. There are some really cool surprises. You won't need a FAQ or a walk-through. For the most part, it's a kind game.

Anyway, it's over for me now. I've finished Twilight Princess -- you can read my review here -- and I'm ready to move on and see other games. 'So long, and thanks for all the personal greetings. And watch my horse for me until I get back, which will be whenever you make the next Zelda.'

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