Bully for Bully
TomChick - News - 11/14/06 - Link

Sometimes a game gets under your skin. That's exactly what happened with Bully. I liked it well enough at first. Kind of ugly, sometimes awkward, a bit uneven in places. Ugh, this stupid skateboard keeps hitting walls and I can't believe it takes so long to load every time I go to class.

But I found myself thinking about Bully when I wasn't playing, in a way I don't really think about other games. I had Bully dreams. Even while I was playing, I didn't really mind not making any progress. It was a place I enjoyed just visiting.

Although they were little more than caricatures, I had a strange a reaction to Gary, Johnny, Miss Phillips, and even that redhead, Christina, who just wanders around. They're sort of stand-ins for people we all remember. I've never known any dwarf clerics or guys named Marcus Fenix or NSA operatives, but I've known Garys, Johnnys, Miss Phillips', and Christinas. We all have. I suppose it's nice to take a break and see them represented. Saving the world and battling evil does get old.

By the time Bully was over, I was sad to see it end. Not entirely unlike the end of a school year, or coming home from summer camp. Whereas normally I have a sense of relief upon finishing a story-driven game, now I've got a bit of a Bully postpartum funk going.

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