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Mark Asher - News - 06/01/04 - Link

A female game writer from the UK's Independant gets a chance to go to a shooting range and play with the real thing.

While the article is an interesting read for those curious about what it's like to fire a gun for the first time and what a shooting range in LA is like (Ben Affleck's a poor shot, apparently), there's not much of a connection to gaming in the piece, other than this soul-searching observation tossed off at the end as the writer struggles to get out of the piece:

I'm glad that I've learnt how to shoot. It's helped me to understand the seriousness of firearms and their purpose - to kill things. I hope that I won't be quite so gung-ho when it comes to pumping innocent characters full of lead, even if it is only in computer games. A quick examination of the figures relating to gun-related deaths - in 2002, 68 deaths in the UK and 11,127 in the US) brings home the fact that virtual guns are a lot safer to play with.

Um, yes. Pretend guns are safer than real guns and real guns can kill. With hard-hitting observations like this it's only a matter of time before she's writing for the UK PC Gamer!

Her first choice of practice targets was kind of scary, however.

For my first target, I chose a picture of a overweight white guy holding a gun....

Yikes! She must have been in line right behind my wife!

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