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I'd seen a few articles recently where a writer comes in to join the customer support folks in an MMO. CGW did a pretty clever one where Darren Gladstone pretended to be an ingame GM. Think of the famous bit where Letterman works the drive-thru at a fast food joint.

On behalf of Massive, a new MMO publication, I got the opportunity to go down to Sony Online, presumably to try my hand at something along those lines. But during the course of talking to the people at Sony -- their CS leads, the chief technical officer, a senior producer -- something else came up.

EverQuest II had a Black Thursday, when everything went wrong, and very nearly went even more wrong. Hmm. Here was a subject potentially more interesting than trying to be clever by making fun of some poor sod whose character was stuck in the geometry or who couldn't figure out how to finish a bugged quest.

As you might imagine, Sony wasn't too eager to discuss it in detail. As it became clear that this is what I wanted to write about, the avenues available through PR narrowed and eventually closed. But before that happened, I got a clear picture of the day nearly 1 million virutal lives were crushed in EverQuest II.

You can read it in the first issue of Massive. It's a big magazine, appropriate for the name. It's got a good mix of short readable blurbs and longer articles, including smart bits on gold farming, guild drama, and hacking, all of which remind me why I'm not terribly into MMOs. Massive even comes with a beta account for Gods & Heroes, an MMO with some cool ideas for tactical combat. Of course, as we all know, print is dead and online killed it, so you'll have to get it while the getting's good.

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