Nattering Nanking Naboobs of Negativism
Mark Asher - News - 06/01/04 - Link

Because the the only thing more frightening than a turn-based strategy game is a Swedish turn-based strategy game, China, with its 120 million conscript-age males, has banned Hearts of Iron, a game cooked up by the Swedish chefs at Paradox Entertainment, according to the China Daily.

China has banned a Swedish-made computer game for "distorting history and damaging China's sovereignty and territorial integrity," the Ministry of Culture (MOC) said.

The crime?

"Manchuria", "West Xinjiang", and "Tibet" appeared as independent sovereign countries in the maps of the game. In addition, it even included China's Taiwan province as the territory of Japan at the beginning of the game.

"All these severely distort historical facts and violate China's gaming and Internet service regulations," the MOC said. "The game should be immediately prohibited."

This is not the first computer game to be banned, only the most deadly. Other games that have been banned include Project IGI2: Covert Strike, which made the mistake of using...

...a freelance mercenary... [who] steals intelligence and conducts sabotage in China....

Can it get worse? Why yes!

....and shoots at China's soldiers while China's national flag and signs like "China Aviation" pop up frequently.

Well, no wonder! Shooting at China Aviation signs! Imagine the chaos if a game like that got loose in China! Society would be turned upside down! Moustaches would appear on posters of Chairman Mao! Rice would be eaten with forks instead of chopsticks!

The Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour expansion was also banned, but just because it was boring.

Of particular note was the MOC's decree to all the Internet cafes to ban the downloading of Hearts of Iron -- as if that's the proper way in which to distribute games in China. Apparently it's A-OK to download another country's products as long as they're not politically incorrect. Too bad China doesn't see software piracy as politically incorrect.

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