Rendering unto Caesar IV
TomChick - News - 10/04/06 - Link

I came, I saw, I played for a lot longer than I meant to. Fuck, itís almost 3am. When did that happen?

Time passes as smooth as ice cream when I'm playing a good city builder. I love city builders. Who doesnít? Iíll tell you who. People who are confused about how combat is supposed to fit into a city builder.

If I see one more review complaining about how light-weight the combat is in Caesar IV, Iím going to have to run to the vomitorium. Of course, itís light-weight. So too is grain farming, glass blowing, chariot racing, overseas trading, tree placement, and the hundred and one other facets of ancient city life. This is a game about how all these things come together, not a recreation of any single facet. So shut up already about how Caesar IV doesnít let you fight battles as if you were playing Rome: Total War. You can go play that instead. The rest of us are delighted with really good city builders like Caesar IV.

You can read my review here if you want to see just how delighted I am.

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