Saints Row: Stilwater blues
TomChick - News - 09/13/06 - Link

If my 360 weren't broken, I'd probably be playing Saints Row right now. Instead, I'm now waiting on my fourth Xbox 360 to arrives from Microsoft's terribly busy customer service center.

But when it arrives, the first place I'll be going is Stilwater to take care of some unfinished business with the Los Carnales.

By the way, for a game that makes a point of making a point about grammar, shouldn't there be an apostrophe somewhere in the title? Shouldn't it be Saint's Row? Or, assuming the row belongs to multiple saints, Saints' Row? And what's with there being only one 'l' in Stilwater? These are the things I'm reduced to wondering when I can't actually, you know, play the game.

You can read the review here, which concerns other less pedantic issues.

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