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I'm not above shooting fish in a barrel. But there's no point having two people standing around the barrel, shooting the fish. So I'll gladly defer to Troy Goodfellow, who has done a superlative job skewering Gamedaily's absurd list of the Top Ten RTS Games Evar.

I've had to do my share of top ten fluff articles, so I don't necessarily begrudge anyone for that sort of article, no matter how poorly written. But as an RTS fan ("fanboy", "wonk", and "junkie" also work), it's really disappointing to see a list of the Top Ten RTSs handed over to someone so utterly out of the loop.

Real time strategy is an exciting genre for a number of reasons: its commercial success, its creative energy, the way it combines innovation with tradition, its state-of-the-art tech, and the way it's the exclusive domain of PCs (nice try anyway, Battle for Middle Earth II for the Xbox 360). Those facts seem to be lost on the writer of the Gamedaily article, whose knowledge of real time strategy seems to consist of how to use the genre filter at Moby Games.

So just for the heck of it, here are my Top Ten RTSs Evar. Or at least for today.

10. C&C Generals: Zero Hour
9. Act of War
8. Age of Empires III
7. Warlords Battlecry II
6. Kohan II
5. Dawn of War
4. Sacrifice
3. Rise of Legends
2. Company of Heroes
1. Battle for Middle Earth II

Yeah, I know, there's no Total Annihilation up there. Not only that, but it wouldn't have even made number 11. That honor would have gone to Pikmin 2.

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