Extra GRAW on the side
TomChick - News - 06/15/06 - Link

I spent a few hours earlier this week playing the new Xbox 360 downloadable content for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter with the developers at Red Storm and a few other press guys. I think you GRAW fans are going to be pretty happy with what you're getting.

But for some odd reason, Ubisoft isn't talking yet about what they're going to charge, which gives me pause. I hope they don't price themselves out of proportion for what they're offering. As much as I can't get used to being charged for trickles of post-release content, I can see this being a steal at $4.99, which is something like 8000 points, I think. Or 80. I can't really do that whole "point math", which is what Microsoft is counting on and why those beads at a Club Med are so dangerous.

The GRAW Chapter 2 stuff is at least more substantive than what EA sells for $10 with those cool Armored Fury maps (my review here). What Ubisoft offers -- basically four new maps and two new modes -- even changes the feel of the game a bit, particularly the delicious chaos of the Team Battle mode (you can read my preview here).

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