How about Beatles songs turned into games for five hundred, Alex?
TomChick - News - 03/14/06 - Link

Not since Rails Across America is a train game so likely to be overlooked by people who would really dig it. The online version of Ticket to Ride is a straight-up port of a board game, built mainly to be played online with a minimum of fuss. As such, it's great.

There's also a decidedly less spectacular PC/Mac version you can play alone. It comes with some lunkheaded bots. But it also comes with Switzerland. So whether it's worth it depends on what you expect in a game.

You can read my somewhat indulgent Ticket to Ride review here. You can also read about my attempt to play against Jeff Green and Bruce Geryk in this month's Tom vs. Bruce in Computer Gaming World. But I just want to say that I hadn't practiced as much as those guys had.

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