Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends: Rise of Expectations
TomChick - News - 02/09/06 - Link

It's kind of silly that Big Huge Games and Microsoft insist on preceding the name of Rise of Legends with the Rise of Nations branding. What exactly is rising here? Both nations and legends? Why not just call is Rise of Nations and Legends? Rise of National Legends? Rise of Legendary Nations? Rise of Lots of Stuff.

At any rate, I didn't get to go to the latest press event where Big Huge Games unveiled their third race. It's apparently Mayan alien snake dudes, which sounds fine by me.

But I have been banging on the old preview build they sent out back in December. And I'm pretty psyched, as you may be able to tell from this fairly extensive preview. It's a lot of words, I know. Nearly Avault length. But I've got a lot to say about this game.

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