A call for more post-release hype
TomChick - News - 01/19/06 - Link

One of my dirty little secrets is that I donít really follow the gaming press. I donít read many game magazines, I donít visit many sites, I donít read reviews, and I almost never read previews of upcoming games. This is partly because Iím so often disappointed in the quality of coverage, but itís mostly because Iím not as fond of reading about games as I am of playing them, talking about them, and writing about them.

Of course, if everyone were like me, Iíd be out of a job. So out of a sense of guilt and obligation, I sometimes click on a link from Blueís News or flip through the Game Informer that shows up unsolicited in my mail box. And thatís when I find something cool like this post-release preview of Dragonshard, an RTS I really liked.

The article appears on a site with the unfortunate name of Game Banshee. Is it run by a bunch of screeching women? I donít get it. And the article is little more than a mailed in Q&A with someone at Liquid Entertainment only listed as "Charley". The screeching women donít bother to tell you that heís one of the gameís three credited designers, that his name is Charley Price, and that his only previous credit seems to have been an internship with EA. Thanks, Moby Games, for taking up the slack for Game Screaming Hags.

At any rate, since the game is three monthís old, itís not a timely article. I canít imagine itís going to get many hits. And I donít think Dragonshard was particularly successful (although Price tacitly discloses theyíre working on an expansion, so yay for that). But I wish there was most coverage like this on games after theyíve come out. I enjoyed reading Priceís comments on their different ideas for resource management and how they worked to balance rushing with their dual levels of play. I want to know more.

I donít know about you guys, but I get really jazzed talking to developers about the games theyíve done, especially after Iíve had a chance to play them, and even more especially if I really liked the game. One of the biggest disappointments of last yearís E3 wasnít the lack of information about Duke Nukem; it was that I tried to track down some of the Guild Wars developers to bend their ears a bit and was unsuccessful. Having played God of War, Civ IV, Guitar Hero, and Killer 7, you know who the people are, living or dead, Iíd most like to have dinner with? David Jaffe, Soren Johnson, Greg LoPiccolo, and Suda 51 (I donít know if thatís a person or a group, but I have a lot of questions for him/her/them). Oh, and Jesus can come too, but I should warn Him that weíre gonna be talking about games.

So my point is, hey, letís hear more from these folks after theyíve made their games instead of just before. Way to go, Wailing Women of Gaming, whoever you are!

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