As inscrutable as Lech Walesa's mustache
TomChick - News - 11/29/05 - Link

Itís hard to figure out, which isnít really a good trait in a real time strategy game. Real time pacing doesnít lend itself to looking up something in the manual, particularly when itís not even in the manual in the first place. But that doesnít stop me from digging deep into Earth 2160, the latest RTS from Polish developer Zuzzex (you in the back, stop snickering) or Reality Pump (I said stop snickering!). I think theyíre variously called one or the other.

Itís too bad Earth 2160 wasnít tidied up a bit more, because for such a visually robust game, itís as hardcore an RTS as RTSs can get. It's one of those rare games that has you thinking you could keep this on your hard drive for a hundred years without seeing all it has to offer. And that's about as long as it would take to figure out every nook and cranny. Call it a relic, a dying breed, or just a niche. But donít expect it to win over any C&C fans. You can read my full review on Gamespy.

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