RTSs: Out with the new, in with the newer
TomChick - News - 11/15/05 - Link

When it's not busy being dead or doomed, PC gaming is a really exciting place to be if you're into real time strategy games. The holiday wads have been blown by now with a whole slew of surprises, some pleasant (Dragonshard, the Barbarian Invasions expansion for Rome), some not so pleasant (Age of Empires III, the Winter Assault expansion for Dawn of War), and some, well, just surprising (stay tuned for my Earth 2160 review later this week on Gamespy).

But we're like kids at one end of a swathe of hungrily opened presents on Christmas morning. As soon as the last one is opened, the very next thought is this: "...so what's next?"

And the answer for RTS fans is frankly pretty exciting. I saw Battle for Middle Earth II in action recently at Electronic Arts and you can read my impressions on Yahoo.

But like dying rockstars, these things happen in threes. The first quarter of 2006 will also see Big Huge Games' Rise of Legends and Petroglyph's Star Wars: Empire at War. All three games are being built by seasoned RTS developers mining rich universes and offering promising new gameplay mechanics and dynamic campaigns. So as far as I'm concerned, let's get these Christmas shenanigans out of the way and get to the next wave of RTSs.

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