"She may not look like much..."
TomChick - News - 11/02/05 - Link

I'm not ashamed of my fondness for Star Wars: Battlefront, warts, bugs, glitches, retro-multiplatform tech, and all. It's a classic example of how a game doesn't necessarily have to be, you know, actually good for me to like it. Sometimes there are other, far more important factors at work.

Which is pretty much where I am so far with Battlefront II: so far, so middling, but oh-so-very-very Star Wars. You can read my first impressions on Gamespy. My full review will be up later this week after I've spent more time getting pwned on the public servers by little kids in clans scuttling around as Stormtroopers with names like 'Darth Fuggit' and '-=TF=- CawkRawker' floating overhead in red text.

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