Age of Bi-polarity
TomChick - News - 10/18/05 - Link

I love you. I hate you. Come here, Iím sorry. What is your frickiní problem? I didnít mean it, really, come here. Why canít you be more like Warlords Battlecry or even Act of War? No, I want to be with you, I really do, letís spend the afternoon together.

Thatís the confused tone of my relationship with Age of Empires III, a deeply disappointing and deeply fulfilling RTS from a developer that seems as confused about it as I am. Read my Computer Gaming World review here. And then come gab about it here and/or here.

And then come play on ESO while I kvetch and moan about how good it is, all the while playing until 4 in the morning to finally get my Ottoman city up to level 25 because Iím simultaneously hooked and frustrated at why it isnít better. I canít stand this game and Iím going to keep playing it just to be sure.

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