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In this morning's press release announcing the imminent arrival of F.E.A.R., Vivendi introduces it as "the game that John Carpenter says is 'the scariest game I've played'". And I can vouch for him saying that, because I was there.

It was a few afternoons ago, in a small room in a fashionably funky West LA hotel. We had to wait on the interviewer from Gamespot or someplace to finish, and then afterwards we were hustled out so G4 could set up their cameras. They were cycling people through pretty quickly so Carpenter could say 'F.E.A.R. is the scariest game I've ever played', field a few questions, and pose for pictures.

There's nothing wrong with this really, and it's not that different from pasting Clive Barker's name over a game that he really doesn't know anything about beyond having done some concept art for a creature ot two. You think the guys in K.I.S.S. even played Psycho Circus?

But it's increasingly part of how games are pushed these days. Julia Roberts mentions Halo, Paris Hilton is holding a PSP, Dave Chapelle tosses out a comment about World of Warcraft. It's all good. And it's one of the oldest stories in the book: hitch your product to a celebrity's name, no matter how tenuous the connection, and although the world may not beat a path to your door, they might notice it when the celebrity's name catches their eye because it printed in bold-face in some column somewhere.

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