November Computer Games Magazine
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In this month's Computer Games Magazine, you'll find my cover story on the Barbarian Invasions expansion for Rome. But it isn't just a look at the actual game. The story also includes coverage of developer Creative Assembly's relationship to mods, console games, and television.

Also, you'll find reviews of strategy games on various handheld systems (Rebelstar: Tactical Command on the GBA, Advance Wars: Dual Strike on the DS, and the next Pathway to Glory in the N-Gage). Just past that is my embarrassingly adoring 5-star ode to the oh-so-appropriately-named We Love Katamari.

Plus on the back page, I totally pwn John Carmack. Well, not really, but I do struggle mightily to say something remotely relevant about a point he's making that I may or may not have understood. And I use the word 'follicle' as an adverb, which I'm hoping might secure me a place on Gamedaily's next list of the Best Writers in the Business.

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