Kingdom under Fire: Wyverns
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Sometimes you go through life not knowing a certain thing and having no real occasion to wise up. Say, for instance, that you first encountered a word while playing Dungeons & Dragons. Let's just say that word is 'wyvern'. Since you were a year or two older than everyone else -- not to mention the Dungeonmaster -- they assumed you knew what you were talking about when you pronounced it 'WHI-vern'. After all, you laughed uproariously when one of them hit the 'c' too hard in 'scimitar'.

"'Skimitar?' Oh no, I don't think so. Maybe you should just stick with a longsword."

Over the years, 'wyvern' isn't exactly a word you have occasion to say out loud. It's low enough in the pantheon of D&D creatures that it's not likely to ever come up colloquially. At any given party, gelatinous cubes, umber hulks, and mind flayers are likely to be mentioned long before wyverns.

So it's a word you read, maybe you write it once or twice, and you keep thinking it's a 'WHI-vern'.

Then the dopey voiceover in some godawfully localized Korean game pronounces it 'WHY-vern' and you think to yourself, 'Ah, those poor dumb Korean developers may have made a cool game, but bless their little confused hearts when it comes to the English language'.

So not only is Kingdom under Fire: Heroes a much-improved sequel to Kingdom under Fire: Crusaders, it's also educational. Because you went to a dictionary and checked. It is indeed WHY-vern.

And just for good measure, you checked 'scimitar' as well.

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