Darwinia: Survival of the Fringest
TomChick - News - 09/27/05 - Link

"I think the [independent film] movement, if there ever was a movement, I think it's largely over. I saw a film a few months ago called Memento that [Christopher Nolan] directed. I heard before I saw it that every independent distributor in town had seen it and turned it down. So I saw this film, which I thought was brilliant, and came out thinking, 'If we needed any indication that the independent movement is over, this is it, that this movie cannot get picked up for distribution'."

I heard Steven Soderbergh say that at a screening of Traffic on January 15, 2001. The next year, Memento would screen at the Sundance Film Festival and it would basically launch its own studio, Newmarket Films. Newmarket would go on to make a bazillion dollars for Mel Gibson's Jesus movie and an Academy Award for Charlize Theron's performance in Monster.

This is what comes to mind when I hear that Darwinia, an odd ingenious little creation from out of left field, can't get a US publisher. Because after playing it, I came out thinking, 'If we need any indication that independent gaming is over, this is it, that this game cannot get picked up for distribution'. But if Memento can find a way, can't a game as unique and brilliant as Darwinia?

The good news, however, is that you can buy and immediately download it -- all 40MBs -- directly from the developer.

You can also read my review on 1up.com for more details about what exactly Darwinia is.

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