America's Army Beat Down!
TomChick - News - 09/07/05 - Link

In it's continuing effort to get you and your kids into the military and thereby get closer to the recruiting goals they're not meeting, the US Army has enlisted Ubisoft to help them port the recruitment tool cum PC shooter, America's Army, onto consoles. They gave a handful of press guys a look at the game and I can say something about this one that I can't often say about games I've previewed: I'm looking forward to it. Read the Yahoo/Games Domain preview here.

I've also just reviewed Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance, which you probably weren't ever going to play anyway. But my first thought on booting it up was, 'Hey, cool, it's like Way of the Samurai meets Final Fight!' After playing for a bit, my second thought wasn't nearly so charitable. Read my final thoughts in the Yahoo/Games Domain review of Capcom's latest fighter.

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