October Computer Games Magazine
TomChick - News - 08/30/05 - Link

The October Computer Games Magazine is now available. You'll find my actual, bona fide, exclusive preview for Vietcong 2. And I don't think the "exclusive" is one of those run-of-the-mill "exclusives" shared by several magazines and websites; as near as I can tell, it's the only American publication with the coverage. At least I'm reasonably certain it's the only one with a Flying Heroes sidebar.

There's also my hands-on preview based on playing a near-final build of the Winter Assault expansion for Dawn of War. It's also exclusive in that it's the only one with a Falco reference.

You'll also find my reviews of Killer 7 (4 stars), the new Harvest Moon games (1 1/2 stars for the Gamecube version, 2 1/2 stars for the Gameboy version), Coded Arms (3 stars), and Pirates for the Xbox (2 stars).

Finally, you can glean a clue as to why Big Huge Games' Rise of Legends won't be out until sometime next year: inside the magazine is photographic evidence that Brian Reynolds is enlisting small children to support his World of Warcraft habit!

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