October Computer Gaming World
TomChick - News - 08/30/05 - Link

The October issue of Computer Gaming World has also just come out, in which you'll find Battlefield 2 installment of Tom vs. Bruce:
Tom: I finally have to hop out of the buggy and go find Bruce to help him figure out why he can’t sprint. None of his explanations – ‘maybe my character is out of shape’, ‘maybe my character tore a ligament’, ‘maybe my character is a conscientious objector’ – makes any sense. Instead, I find him lying prone on the ground, slowly creeping towards me. A quick press of the ‘Z’ key solves his problem.
By the way, it's worth noting that on my way to www.computergamingworld.com, I was greeted with an Advance Wars: Dual Strike ad. It's nice to see that Ziff/Davis has come around and seen the light of platform agnosticism!

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