3am: Gun envy
TomChick - News - 11/16/04 - Link

How's this for a cool weapon in a first person shooter?
"[It] makes excellent use of the physics engine. This tool allows you to hold and launch just about any imaginable object in the game. See a box, target it, use it as a shield, and then launch it...as a weapon."

Of course, this is a description of the Grabber, or Ionized Plasma Leviation gun, in the Doom 3 expansion, as revealed in this month's issue of CGW. When it comes to game design, I don't worship at the altar of innovation. Some of the best ideas are borrowed, and Half-Life 2's gravity gun is ultimately just an improved version of Anne's arm from Trespasser. But shouldn't you at least, I dunno, add a minor twist to make it seem like you didn't just rip something off from another prominent game?

What the CGW preview doesn't tell you is that the Doom 3 expansion actually reveals the Space Marine's name: Gordon Freidman!

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