3am: the political machine
TomChick - News - 10/07/04 - Link

So it turns out that even though I'm a big Kerry supporter, I'm voting for Nader on November 2nd. No joke.

My sister teaches at a college in Wisconsin, where some pro-Nader students are willing to trade their votes with folks in states where Kerry's victory isn't in question. Like California. So I write Nader's name on the ballot (the dumbass didn't even qualify here!) and a student in Wisconsin -- where it really matters -- votes for Kerry.

Someone tried to explain to me that this is illegal, which I'm pretty sure is patently ridiculous, and someone else questioned whether it was unethical, which I'm pretty sure it's not. Any thoughts?

And since this is a gaming site, I'll tie this into gaming by saying there's no way in hell that President Bush has an stamina of 9, a religious rating of 7, and an intelligence of 5, which is what Stardock's excellent The Political Machine would have you believe. Which just goes to show that a game doesn't have to be realistic to be good. But maybe Stardock can fix those ratings in a patch.

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