Mr. Chick Goes to Sundance 2005
TomChick - Features - Comments - 02/05/05

This was a great Sundance: the weather was mild, the lines weren't too long (I wasn't turned away from a single movie), and for the first time, I saw more movies I liked than movies I didn't like. Of the 21 I saw in the four days we were there, nine were bad, seven were good, and five were great.

But first, since this is a gaming site, it's worth mentioning there were two game sightings. In The Dying Gaul, Patricia Clarkson finds a copy of Mortal Kombat running on her TV -- it's a gameplay sequence of a fatality, but there's no one sitting in front of the television -- and later complains to her husband about it being violent for their children. In Mysterious Skin, a pedophile lures children to his house with the promise of childly delights that include sugared cereal and video games. But since it's set in the 80s, the video game is Asteroids. They show footage of the game and then cut to a shot of a child actor supposedly playing. Although he's holding an authentic Atari 2600 joystick, he's obviously not playing Asteroids; he jerks the stick around violently and smacks the button like a kid who knows nothing but fighting games.

Okay, thatís enough gaming-related content to justify putting this up on a gaming website. On to the movies themselves, broken down by the good, the bad, and the great.

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