Best Games Of 2003
Mark Asher - Features - Comments - 05/31/04

This year Mark only played a few MMORPGs. His Top Ten List would have to include Shadowbane seven or eight times, plus a few games he watched his kids play on the Gamecube. So he'll be relegated to the peanut gallery while Tom chooses Quarter to Three's top ten games of 2003, otherwise known as the Annual (Except for 2001 and 2002) Quarterlies. Since we know you're just going to skip to the number one spot, here's the list:

10. Monopoly: the Gathering
9. Build a civilization that stands the test of time...for an hour
8. In space, everyone can hear Tammy bitching
7. The REAL spiritual heir to X-Com
6. We don't need no stinkin' 3D
5. All silver lining
4. Strategy gaming's best kept secret
3. Un-fucking Star Wars
2. Call of duty to the battlefield's medal of honor
1. ...just another platformer

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