Our Man in Japan -- Mythkiller 7
DeanRaker - Columns - Comments - 08/19/05

Mythkiller 7

By Shou Suzuki

You've heard of Japan, right? Where all the girls wear tight mini school skirts, have Hello Kitty fingernail polish, and carry a cute teddy bear while they run with their bleached hair to get crushed into a morning train, where they can be ejaculated upon by horny salarimen who read manga before they get off to be swallowed by an 80-story skyscraper and emerge at night to check into a love hotel after they're done saving Tokyo from Godzilla with their teenage mecha-piloting friends? There you have it: Japan.

Stereotypes and myths might be useful for offending easily offended people, but they cripple otherwise meaningful conversations. So in the interest of pursuing such meaningful conversations, I'm going to target seven of them for extermination. With extreme prejudice.

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