Yo ho ho! Where did Sid Meier’s Pirates! on iOS go?

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2K Games is sunsetting Sid Meier’s Pirates! on Apple iOS. Because of 64-bit compatibility issues with the release of iOS 11, 2K Games announced changes to their App Store catalog. While Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 and XCOM: Enemy Within are being temporarily pulled from sale so the developers can update them to 64-bit executables, a handful of games are being taken off the store permanently. While there probably won’t be many tears shed for the loss of the Duke Nukem Forever Soundboard, fans of ballroom dancing and broadsides may be concerned that Pirates! will no longer be purchased, and the game will not be supported going forward.

Early reports are that the retired games are completely inoperable on iOS 11, so updating the system dooms the titles to forever taunt you as useless icons on your screen.